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Vanguard Jazz Orchestra bookings at high schools, colleges, and student festivals include a 60-minute clinic with the full band.

Instead of a performance & lecture approach, we work side-by-side with the students as much as possible, which yields fantastic results.

Whenever possible, we ask that the student band learns a Thad Jones arrangement in advance of their clinic (we're happy to consult with you and help you pick one). We often start the clinic with the student band playing the chart, followed immediately by the VJO playing the same chart. Then the VJO sits down next to the students and works on/plays the arrangement with them. And finally, we have the student band play the chart again so they can hear how much better they sound in just one hour. 

For less experienced bands that may not be ready to play a Thad Jones arrangement, we use our exclusive "We Play, You Play" arrangements written by Grammy-nominated composer/arranger, Rich DeRosa. These charts utilize a unique call and response approach where the VJO and student band can interact in real time in the context of a real arrangement.

Of course, if there is a particular piece or concept you want the VJO to work on with your band, we are happy to do that, as well. Whatever the format, it will be an experience your students will never forget.

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